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Foot Massage for Healthy Feet

Foot massage

It’s no great feat to have great feeling feet.

In spring we put new demands on our feet. We switch up what we wear on our feet from winter boots to summer foot attire, such as sandals, golf shoes, and outdoor running shoes. The change in foot attire puts new demands on our feet to adjust to new shapes. The change in footwear may cause discomfort in our feet as the foot muscles adjust, and that discomfort can lead to compromised posture balance and walking gaits. Consider some simple foot massages on a daily basis to help massage your feet. Daily foot rolling will release foot muscle and tendon tension. It will build muscle strength and increase blood flow to the foot muscles as well as stimulate lower leg muscles. Place a single tennis ball underneath your heel. Keeping your hips as level as possible (you may have to bend your leg), begin rolling your foot forward and back on the ball. Press into the ball as much as feels comfortable. Stop at any specific tight spots and let your weight sink into the ball to release tension in your muscles and connective tissue.

When to get help.

Should you have other concerns about foot pain, call us for an appointment with our chiropractors or massage therapist. They are very familiar with addressing many issues that may contribute to your foot pain and with recommendations of how to correct the issues. .

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