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Nepean Chiropractor Reviews

  • Extremely positive experience!!!

    - D.S.
  • Great environment, people care there, and can I tell they have a lot of good experiences.

    - D.P.
  • So thankful for all the wonderful people here! My back has never felt better and everyone is so friendly and accommodating! Dr. Bourgaize was very good at explaining my problems thoroughly and clearly, helping me understand everything along the way. So thankful for the help!

    - E.L.
  • You guys are awesome, I’m excited for my treatment!

    - I.Z.
  • Professional and very likeable staff. Able to answer questions you may have regarding the adjustment plan made specifically to help you. Punctual and great environment.

    - R.B.
  • I love the personal interest that all the staff take in the patients…calling by name and friendly conversations. A far cry from the cold, hurried medical world!

    - H.K.
  • I love the peace that pervades the clinic, coupled with the warmness of the reception staff and the doctor It brings some reassurance to the patient.

    - L.A.
  • Very friendly and helpful staff! I did not have to do any guessing because they explained everything to me and when referred for X-Rays, they even gave me a list of places open and nearby. The doctor right away took me seriously with my pains. I look forward to coming back!

    - V.F.
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Bourgaize and his team.

    - C.E.
  • All around amazing experience!!!

    - S.B.
  • I have been coming to the clinic for over 25 years. It has been an important part of my health maintenance.

    - B.C.

Logical and Friendly

I got there on time for my appointment and follow-up, the reception was prompt and Dr. Bourgaize respected my being in a hurry and got me out in time. His explanations are logical and friendly for those unfamiliar with such terms. I didn’t realize how uneven my pelvis was and now we’re getting to work on it! I look forward to more sessions!


Best First Impression

Easily the best first impression ever! Everyone on staff is wonderful, explains procedures and practices, and does so in a way that I was able to understand. Dr. Bourgaize made me feel extremely comfortable with chiropractic care in general and his services as a whole. I’m very eager to keep seeing him for my chiropractic care!


Chiropractors are Friends, Not Foes

Your chiropractor is a friend, And to your pain he’ll put an end.
He’s kind, he’s gentle and he’s sweet, As he adjusts you at your feet,
to make sure you’re all in line. if not, you’ll be in due time.
Thanks Dr. Bourgaize for all your care, In my good health you’ve had a share.


Thankful Every Day

When I met Dr. B I was 5-6 years post accident and I had pretty much given up on getting any better. My car insurance had basically written me off and I had a little coverage through school. Nearly 4 years on and I have improved greatly, Elenor was a miracle worker with the insurance and I can say with complete honesty that without them I would not be the woman I am today. I am thankful every day that I stopped at that table and chatted with the woman who was so convinced they could help…


Greater Range of Motion

After an assigned schedule of chiropractic treatments, I was feeling much better. My headaches are now infrequent and I have a greater range of movement in my neck. Not only have the adjustments been helping, but also the advice for better working habits, such as demonstrating proper posture and stretches at work.


Great with Kids

My two sons and I have been seeing Dr. Bourgaize for two years. I am very happy with the care and rapport that I have with him. My son sleeps through his adjustments many times. Our whole family is very appreciative of Dr. Bourgaize and what he does for us.


Friendly, Sympathetic & Helpful

I’ve experienced some relief in my back and in my ease of movement. I still have considerable discomfort, pain and limitation in my neck but I do get occasional temporary relief. Overall, I feel better. The staff is always friendly, sympathetic and helpful. Dr. Bourgaize is professional and friendly all at once, a rare combination! Overall, I enjoy my visits at the clinic and would certainly recommend it to all who require this type of care.


I Feel Great

Dr. Bourgaize seemed very honest, straight forward and upfront. I feel great. I have returned to work and to the activities that I enjoyed before. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone who is willing to help their well being. I am surprised that chiropractic doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.


My Headaches are Gone

My name is Rysa and my headaches are gone. My shoulders are falling into their proper place, as are my hips. My vision is better, I can hear clearly and my jaw in not as tight as before. There is no chronic lower back pain or knee pain and I still have one more year of adjustments to go to feel even better.



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